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Kalamansi Juice

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The Kalamansi is said to be the result of a natural cross between a kumquat and a mandarin. The typical scent of this small citrus fruit native to the Philippines is recognizable among all. It offers an aromatic, harmonious and abundant aroma which reminds of the passion fruit.

Pure Liveliness!

With this 100% Kalamansi Juice, discover the fresh and sour taste of the pulp and juice as well as slightly saline tones that lingers on your palate.

As the scents of orange, lemon, kumquat and lime blend together, it will remind you of the hard candies of your childhood.

This ingredient of great aromatic complexity will be all the rage used as a base for vinaigrettes or as a seasoning of a dish.

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Made in France


Picked & prepared by hand

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Kalamansi 100%

Suggested Use

In the Philippines, the Kalamansi Juice is widely used as a base for vinegrettes or seasonings for dishes. It can also be used as a basis for your pastries and will marry perfectly with chocolate. It will also add a touch of freshness in a fruit jelly.

Shake the bottle before use.

Detailed Information

  1. 250 ml bottle
  2. Nutritional values ​​for 100 grams: energy 37.4 kcal, carbohydrates 8.5g including sugar 8.5g, lipids 0.3g including 0.1g saturated fatty acids, proteins 0.62g, fibers 0.1g, sodium 0.0205g
  3.  Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from light. After opening, keep refrigerated and consume within a few days
  4. Grown and produced with passion in France
  5. Price per kilo: €67.60

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