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Mikan Mandarin Juice

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The Mikan Mandarin is an early-season Japanese mandarin. It has no seeds and offers a very nice balance between sweetness and acidity.

A Flashy Juice!

This pure Mikan Mandarin Juice offers a perfect mix of sweetness and acidity that lingers on the palate.

Its beautifully complex aroma is very interesting for deglazing dishes.

Shake the bottle before use: the fluorescent color of the juice is striking!

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Made in France


Picked & prepared by hand

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100% Mikan Mandarin

Suggested Use

The Mikan Mandarin Juice is the ideal ingredient to deglaze dishes, to make a sweet and sour sauce for a fish dish or to cook a duck à l'orange.

It can also be used in all of your citrus juice-based pastry recipes.

Shake the bottle before use.

Detailed Information

  1. 250 ml bottle
  2. Nutritional values ​​per 100 grams: energy 51 kcal, carbohydrates 11.70g including sugar 11.70g, lipids 0.05g including 0.01g saturated fatty acids, proteins 0.61g, fibers 0.5g, sodium 0.025g
  3. Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from light. After opening, keep refrigerated and consume within a few days
  4. Grown and produced with passion in France
  5. Price per kilo: €55.60

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