Citron Petals

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The Citron is a large citrus fruit with a rich scent and little -if any- juice, but a very developed albedo, and is said to be the ancestor of many citrus fruits. There are a multitude of varieties, with a rich range of sizes, shapes, tastes and textures.

The love of good food!

We aimed at preserving both the smooth and crunchy texture of the Citron and its fine lemon scent while balancing its bitterness.

Treat yourself with the nicely transparent texture of the finely sliced fruit and enjoy the sweet syrup in which all the fine and fresh aromas of the fruit have infused.

Available in two sizes.

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Discover the savoury version of the Citron Petals: the Citron Pickles



Made in France


Picked & prepared by hand

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Citron 48%, sugar, water

Suggested Use

The citron petals can be used in sweet preparation but also in salty ones to accompany a foie gras, cheeses (fresh goat, blue cheeses, cooked cheese) or glazed meat.

Detailed Information

  1. Net weight: 220 gr or 350 gr
  2. Nutritional values ​​per 100 grams: energy 316 kcal, carbohydrates 80.60g, lipids 0.3g, proteins 0.40g
  3. Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from light. After opening, keep refrigerated and consume within a few days
  4. Grown and produced with passion in France
  5. Price per kilo: €58.65 in jars of 220 gr; €51.15 in jars of 350gr

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