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Until Spring 2020, gastronomic restaurants have been our unique clientele. But in March 2021, when the restaurant industry was at a standstill, we decided to offer citrus fruit lovers the opportunity to taste a dozen varieties of fully mature fruits...

Have a fruit basket of exquisite flavours and colours delivered at your doorstep!

And when the citrus fruit season is over, enjoy the freshness, texture, lovely acidity and noble biterness of our fruits
in our new range of transformed citrus fruits in ready-to-use jars. 


• Our Citrus Fruits are picked at optimum maturity on the day of shipment, then delivered the next day without storage in a cold room. They will keep fresh for several days or weeks depending on the variety.

• Our Citrus fruits are cultivated in full respect of organic farming and can be used in their entirety (peel, albedo, pulp). The orchard is in its last year of conversion and will be have its "AB Label" (organic label) in 2021.

• Each Basket of Fruits contains information on our orchard, on our terroir and on our carefully selected citrus fruits, as well as advice on how to use them and some ideas of recipes.

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Depending on the season and our mood, you will find here our favourite products!
Free Shipping for order equal or superior to € 85.
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