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We are Citrus Fruit Growers passionate about the tree-dimensional aspect of our work:

Biodiversity, Agronomy Respectful of Nature, Gastronomy

Our Citrus Fruits have been used by the most famous French and European Restaurants for more than 20 years, and we work hand in hand with Chefs and Pastry Chefs to explore the specificities of each variety.

Alchemy of Terroir, Know-how and Biodiversity, the Aromatic Palette that We Cultivate Awakens and Arouses the Curiosity of Chefs.

Since our arrival in 2017, we have converted the Domain to Organic Agriculture, which was very important to us, and opened up the fabulous diversity of Citrus Fruits to individuals. You can now have Seasonal Citrus Fruit Baskets delivered to your door and also discover the freshness, textures, fine acidities and noble bitterness of our Citrus Fruits all year round thanks to our playful and ready-to-use "TOCOOK" Jars.

Our Extraordinary Organic Citrus Fruits are Now at Your Fingertips!



Depending on the season and our mood, you will find here our favourite products!
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